Outsourcing either all or part of tasks related to maintaining and providing services for the company’s  IT infrastructure provides our Customers with an opportunity to concentrate on tasks that are crucial for them and constitutes an effective way to increase effectiveness.

Within the outsourcing services, we offer amongst others:

  • Remote technical support services

  • Designing, implementing and administrating computer networks

  • Implementing and administrating data bases and ERP systems

  • Implementing and administrating systems and applications from Microsoft Windows, Linux family

  • Providing network, server and terminal equipment monitoring services within IP networks

As for IT outsourcing, NetRider takes full responsibility over projects, implementations and infrastructure management for the Customer. We offer flexible models of cooperation:

  • Full outsourcing – most frequently selected by our Customers – it can include designing and adjusting the infrastructure to real-time needs of the Customer, implementing new software editions, training employees and ensuring administration of both systems and networks, removing malfunctions and developing applications upon Customer’s request and many others. This provides an opportunity to fully relieve the company from IT-related problems and entrust them to NetRider, a company specialized in such operations

  • Partial outsourcing can include specific parts of the Customer’s IT infrastructure, i.e. ensuring administration of employees’ computers (central part of the system is left to the Customer), implementation of standard software packages, providing help in employee trainings, providing technical support in case of either system or equipment breakdowns.